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How is LED Lighting Used in Data Centers?

As cities and businesses become connected and increasingly reliant on cloud-based solutions, data centers have started to proliferate rapidly worldwide. The power-hungry establishments require energy-efficient LED lighting systems in order to reduce operating costs, which is a practice recommended by the Telecommunications Industry Association.

High Bay LED Lights

For general locations in data centers, high bay LED lights are commonly used. This type of unit can be mounted close to the ceiling in elevated positions. The luminaries illuminate large servers, hallways and aisles.

High bay LED units can be round or square, depending on the preferences of the operator. Even light distribution is key to optimized illumination in data centers using this type of light.

Alternatively, data centers may also incorporate recessed panel lighting systems in the area. This type of LED fixture is suitable for rooms with low ceilings. Furthermore, LED variants are designed to replace traditional fluorescent recessed lights, which are prone to breakage and flickering (during startup).

Workers overseeing data centers should have their own portable LED light, which is used for inspections. Pen lights, flashlights and lanterns are typically utilized for such tasks. Heavy-duty maintenance or setup may require more powerful lighting options, such as compact LED light towers or LED drop lights, which can be mounted on racks.

Outdoor LED Illumination

Security around data centers is generally tight, since the building hosts and processes large amounts of sensitive information. In order to boost security in the area, operators can deploy LED lights in parking lots. The lights may also leverage motion sensors or day/night sensors for automated illumination.

Other LED lighting used for general illumination outside of the data center include LED wall pack lights, which are mounted directly on the wall of the building, with the beam pointing upwards. LED flood lights are applicable to landscapes and entrances. If you are looking for top industry led lights visit Larson Electronics.

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