LED Lights for Railyards

LED Lights for Railyards and Industrial Railway Networks

Railyards are essential to economic growth. Such facilities are responsible for transporting large amounts of materials, from grains to fuel, across the country. Railway networks operate around the clock, often resorting to nighttime operations to avoid congestion in highly populated areas. Because of this, the work site must be properly illuminated. Over the years, a handful of companies in North America have switched to LED lights for railyards, due to their ability to illuminate large spaces in an energy-efficient manner.

Light Towers, Wall Packs, High Bay LEDs 

Railyards are known for their rugged nature, due to constant vibration present in the area. For illumination, such outdoor locations typically deploy elevated lighting systems around the site. LED lights mounted on poles are the most common type of fixtures used by operators today. Permanent LED lamps can be installed along the railways, highlighting crossings, cautionary signs and critical connections.

Loading docks may utilize high bay LEDs for overhead, wide-area illumination. This type of LED fixture can be mounted on ceilings within the delivery bay. The exterior of buildings around railyards should also be properly illuminated, which support ongoing railway operations. Wall pack LED units perform well for such applications and can be setup along roofs (for down lighting) or along boundaries (for up lighting). 

Railyard LED Adoption

Railyard operators are slowly (but surely) transitioning to LED lighting systems. Norfolk Southern Railway, a Class I railroad system based in the US, is an example of a leading establishment in the industry currently pioneering the adoption of LED Lights for railyards.

The company previously relied on metal halide fixtures for illumination. As an upgrade, the establishment incorporated high mast LED units with a 60-degree beam spread and an expected lifespan of 50,000+ hours. The LED fixtures are mounted on poles, which provides a spacious working environment on the ground.

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