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UV LED Spotlights and Animal Tracking Applications

Ultraviolet (UV LED) light has numerous applications in the fields of criminal identification, sample analysis and law enforcement. This type of light, which comes in a wide range of wavelengths, depending on its use, can also be applied to boost non-invasive animal tracking practices.

When used for such purposes, a UV LED spotlight is frequently utilized, due to its ability to emit a concentrated beam at far-flung targets with ease.

Pest Control

Businesses that specialize in pest control for industrial locations, such as warehouses, silos and food storage centers, can directly benefit from UV LED lighting. Inspectors may use a portable UV luminary to detect the presence of rats, squirrels and other gnawing mammals, as some hair strand profiles appear bluish-white, under the presence of UV light.

In application, an inspector could look for such elements in food sacks and containers without needing to perform lengthy tests on the product and environment. Furthermore, reaction with the UV light is instant.

Pet Rescue Operations

Animal rescue centers, fire fighters and pet care facilities can also use UV LED lighting to identify and track various creatures. Instead of looking for loose hair strands, inspectors focus on detecting illuminative reactions with urine. Creatures with protein-rich diets release urine that glow under the presence of long-wave UV bands.

This type of detection is beneficial because animals like to mark territories using urine, which cannot be detected naturally (without cutting-edge equipment). Additionally, a powerful UV LED spotlight beam is recommended for such applications, as some domesticated pets, such as cats, like to climb hard-to-reach locations.

With a UV LED spotlight, inspectors can assess unsafe areas without the use of ladders, ropes and harnesses. For instance, a specialist may stand at the entrance of an attic or basement and perform a quick and thorough sweep of the location.

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